FFA Judging Contests

2017 County Soil Judging Contest

Knox Soil & Water Conservation District assisted with Career Development Events for the local FFA chapters. The County Soil Judging Contest was held in Amity at Fowler Farms on September 26, 2017. Students competed in either the rural or urban contest, with each contest having its own set of rules and considerations. Each contest requires students to judge three soil pits and the surrounding landforms. The rural contest has its basis in how well suited the land would be for agricultural production and the urban contest has its basis in whether the site would be good for building and development.

Congratulations to Fredericktown who placed first in the urban contest.

Congratulations to East Knox who placed first in the rural contest.

Congratulations to the top five individuals in the urban contest were Haley Rook from Fredericktown in first place, Cassie Small also from Fredericktown in second place, third place was Grace Dugan from East Knox, Lydia Ingalls from East Knox placed fourth and Shelby Dugan from East Knox was fifth.

Congratulations to the top five individuals for the rural contest were Jacob McCarty of East Knox in first place, followed by Sean Magers of East Knox, Cade Morningstar of East Knox was in third place, Kaylie Crouch of East Knox was in fourth and Isabella Wolford of Centerburg rounded out the top five.

2017 County Timber Judging Contest

The 2017 County Timber Judging Contest was hosted by Garrett Swendal at his farm once again this year. Centerburg, East Knox, Danville, Mount Vernon, Clear Fork and Fredericktown all participated in the contest this year. In addition to properly identifying the species of the tree, students were required to determine the total marketable board footage in the trees.

Congratulations to East Knox who placed first in the County Timber Contest. Second place went to Centerburg, with Mount Vernon rounding out the top three.

Congratulations to the top three individuals: Will Small from Mount Vernon in 1st place, Jacob McCarty from East Knox in second, and Isabella Wolford from Centerburg placed third.

Knox County, Ohio