About your Conservation District:

The Knox Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) assists farmers and landowners with projects on their property which improve natural resources management. Knox SWCD provides programs such as Conservation planning which help landowners assess resource management by analyzing different tillage programs and crop rotations and the District’s Manure Nutrient Management program which helps farmers better manage animal waste as an important resource by lowering inputs and increasing profitability. Knox SWCD promotes ground water protection by helping landowners learn how to keep sediment, nutrients and chemicals out of both surface and ground water.

Additional Conservation District programs encompass many other natural resource related problems.

Feel free to contact the Knox SWCD office for more information.


  • The legislation was passed in 1941 for the formation of Ohio Soil & Water Conservation Districts.
  • This legislation did not automatically create a SWCD in each County, rather it permitted residents to form their own Conservation Districts through local ballot initiatives in each county.
  • Conservation Districts across the state were formed by local residents over a span of years and exist in each of Ohio’s 88 counties today.
  • Knox SWCD was established in 1947.

Giving Back:

It is important to give back to our community by supporting Knox County students. Knox SWCD is proud to provide scholarships to students and assist in agriculture related events.

  • College Scholarships for Agriculture
  • Forestry Camp Scholarships
  • FFA Soil Judging
  • Timber Cruise
  • Envirothon


Knox County, Ohio